Day 11: Oh What Beautiful Morning, Oh What A Beautiful Day

Beautiful, serene Westmoor Park, West Hartford, Ct

It’s a beautiful winter day. Unseasonable warm. I take a couple of hours to myself on Wednesday mornings (well, some Wednesday mornings). After everyone left the house, I geared up and headed out for my 30 minutes of active fresh air.

There is a path through the woods that are behind my house. That path leads to a beautiful open meadow on the Westmoor Park property. It’s like a little hidden gem. You can also get to it from the dead end of Asylum Ave, right past Bugbee School. There is something about the openness of that meadow, surrounded by trees, that just makes you smile.

I continued my walk past Bugbee and gave a huge shout out to my kids (of course, they didn’t hear me). It is weird to walk by there and know that they are inside. Don’t know why it’s weird, but it is.

I walked up to the Starbuck’s at Bishops Corner. I met my husband there. I got there with two minutes to spare so I walked the parking lot until I hit my 30 minutes.

I feel great. I am on my way to Key Hyundai of Manchester now and ready to take on what lies ahead. I realized yesterday how important this gift of outdoor activity is to my well-being. I got completely lashed by a customer, calling me a crook and a thief, telling me how he’s not sure I can put my head on my pillow at night knowing that I take advantage of elderly people. I’m actually saying it nicely. There were a bunch of expletives thrown in. Of course, I would never do any of those things. So, I went and reviewed his parent’s paperwork myself and they got a great deal on a brand new Elantra. Once we pointed it out to him, he profusely started to apologize. He thought his parents bought a different car and the price he was comparing to the price they got was wrong. It’s amazing how many people’s anger can go from 0-60 in about five seconds. Anyways, I am subjected to that kind of irrational abuse on a daily basis. I need this time everyday to myself in order to recharge my batteries.

Have a great day! Get out and enjoy the sunshine. Sounds like a wet, wintery mix tomorrow.


About Jill Merriam

I am a car dealer (, a Mom to my little loves and a wife to my hubby Rob. I am addicted to my mission to be help people drive nicer, newer cars, leadership development and leading a fulfilling life. I hope you enjoy my musings.
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