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My Sort of Outdoor Adventure

Started the day at the Fit Playground at 5:30am.  Took my first Integrative Strength class in a month(s).  I am super sore.   Tuesday is my chock a block day.  My first break is at noon.  I drove to the … Continue reading

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Come on, Jill, Pick Yourself Up by Your Bootstraps

So I got off course, way off course.  A series of events, none to large by themselves, led to my lack of self-care.  There was the sprained ankle, the vicious upper respiratory infection and the nerve wracking grand opening of … Continue reading

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Day 37: Time to Make the Donuts

It was a busy day at work, after being off for a week.  I had to record our monthly commercial in Hebron, Ct because I had no voice the week before.  I ended up walking through the neighborhood after the … Continue reading

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Day 36: Back in Action, Sort of…..

Woke up still feeling “out of it” but already onto Day 3 of the Z Pack.  Shipped kids off to Sunday school and went for a walk around the neighborhood.  It was a bright sunny day and good to get … Continue reading

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Day 31 – 35: Erased From the Planet

So I didn’t fight off my upper respiratory thingie too well.  I ended up bed ridden for five days.  That doesn’t sit well with a type A person.  Not only was I sick as a dog (side-note:  what does that … Continue reading

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