Weekly Musings: Key Hyundai Business Planning for 2013

Dear Solution Providers:

I talked a couple of weeks ago about my personal planning for 2013.  I wanted to take this week to discuss our business planning.  We go about the same process when we are planning for our business as I do with my personal planning.

Since the recession of 2008, we have made sweeping changes to how we do business.  We looked at every single point of customer contact in the dealership and developed a process around it in order to stay true to our mission of being solution providers and not product pushers.  As we did that, some processes succeeded and some failed.

At times, it seemed like we were taking two steps forward, only to take one back.  I often felt like I was living in a giant game of whack a mole; just when I got one problem solved, another one popped up.  Bit by bit, though, everything started to come together.  Sales have gone up, personnel changes have slowed, and most importantly, our customers are being taken care of like they should be every single day of the week.

Thank you to everyone who has been such a vital part of creating this amazing organization.  We are helping our customers to make the second largest purchase of their lives and in some cases, the largest purchase of their lives.  What an awesome responsibility.  We are living our mission every day:

We are solution providers and not product pushers.  We believe everyone deserves to drive a nicer, newer car.  Key Hyundai will keep your car fun and safe to drive for as long as you wish to drive it.

So, when we were planning for 2013, it was easy!  The plan is to be laser focused on the processes that exist.  We will make tweaks along the way, but no sweeping changes.  We want consistency in everything we do and steady growth and progress forward.   If you ever think there is a process that can be improved upon, please don’t hesitate to share it with me.  You are on the front line and it’s only from your experience and your customer interactions that we can continue to sharpen our skill set and improve the customer and employee experience.

Thanks again for everything you do.

Kindly,  Jill Merriam

Dealer For the People (R)

About Jill Merriam

I am a car dealer (http://www.keycars.com), a Mom to my little loves and a wife to my hubby Rob. I am addicted to my mission to be help people drive nicer, newer cars, leadership development and leading a fulfilling life. I hope you enjoy my musings.
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