You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

I’ve committed to writing every day.  It’s a creative outlet to me and keeps me mindful within all the busyness of life.  I could do it in a journal, but there is some accountability from posting it externally.  When I’m writing everyday, instead of being distracted, I find myself “in the moment” and searching for some observation I can write about.  That is true about today’s writing.

You don’t know what you don’t know.  It’s a popular statement.  But, when your eyes are open to something new, something you’ve never experienced, it is mind expanding.  Your heart races, and endorphins fly.   You make a quantum leap in your beliefs of what’s possible in your lifetime.  You can better understand your purpose and gifts in your lifetime.  It’s energetic and exciting.  I was fortunate to have one of those experiences today.  I was introduced to someone doing amazing work through my involvement in a non-profit.  Seeing someone else perform their art encourages me to continue work on my art of leadership development and personal growth.  My goal is to stay present enough so that I’m open to having more of these experiences.

About Jill Merriam

I am a car dealer (, a Mom to my little loves and a wife to my hubby Rob. I am addicted to my mission to be help people drive nicer, newer cars, leadership development and leading a fulfilling life. I hope you enjoy my musings.
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