Early Morning Observations

Walking the dog.  My mind is spinning about what I have to get done.  I decide to settle my mind by using my breath to count down from 40, starting over when I lose track.  My mind settles.  All of a sudden I’m focused on sounds and smells.  As I breath in I can smell spring.  What’s the smell of spring?  It’s an earthy, fresh smell, like a huge pile of amazing, life filled soil.  And, I can hear the birds chirping.  For me, spring brings newness, hope and joy.  Just that one single exercise of breathing and I was able to turn my thoughts away from negativity and towards gratitude.  I have everything I need to lead a grateful life, it’s just a matter of being mindful enough to recognize when I need to use it.  I have gratitude for my awareness this morning.

About Jill Merriam

I am a car dealer (http://www.keycars.com), a Mom to my little loves and a wife to my hubby Rob. I am addicted to my mission to be help people drive nicer, newer cars, leadership development and leading a fulfilling life. I hope you enjoy my musings.
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1 Response to Early Morning Observations

  1. Joseph Schwartz says:

    What a poet you are. And you certainly do not need a shrink. Good for you! Aunt Mara

    Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2016 12:32:28 +0000 To: schwartzjoseph@hotmail.com

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