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Day 30: Meet My NBF Up Close and In Person!

Meet my NBF (new best friend for all you old farts out there).  Her name is Ricola.  She’s a bit spicy, very soothing and makes you feel better at least for a few minutes.  She enjoys some quiet time over … Continue reading

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Day 26: Rain, Sleet or Snow Doesn’t Stop MY Family (Except One)

I had a chock-full day today.  I got a ride home from a meeting around 4pm (had three cars at home from the dealership and had to get it down to two thus the ride).  It was already sleeting by … Continue reading

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Day 25: Who Needs a Car When You Can Walk?

Wednesdays are my FAVORITE. I take the mornings off so that I can decompress. My husband went off to the gym and I told him that I’d meet him in West Hartford Center at Starbucks for a coffee before work. … Continue reading

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Day 24: Hijacking My Blog

I went for an early morning walk with my neighbor and friend, Leslie yesterday.  We did our usual up to the top of Orchard and around Balfour both directions before coming home.  It was great as always. But, I’m hijacking … Continue reading

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Day 22: Circles, Circles Everywhere

As I walked outside yesterday, I couldn’t get the word “circle” out of my head.  I’m not a math geek or anything (okay, maybe sometimes) but our world is full of circles; the circle of life, the circle to and … Continue reading

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Day 8: Weird Barbie Stuff, the Occupiers and the Guggenheim

Day 2 in Manhattan.  We wake up at 9:00am and our train doesn’t leave until 4:00pm.  A full day in NYC with one of my besties, Alison, and no kids?  What do we do?  Go to FAO Schwartz.  You heard … Continue reading

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Day 3: Breaking the Rules

I am a rule follower.  I have been all my life.  Maybe it’s first child syndrome?  Who knows!  But, if there’s a rule out there, I follow it.  Just ask my husband, Rob.  He’s been nudged by me for the … Continue reading

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